Leap Year: The Saga

Leap Year: A Look At Collegiate Jumping has been released. Watch it here.

So ends the saga.

Let me start be thanking everybody who helped me with this project. Thanks to every person who donated to the Kickstarter campaign. Thanks to the C&J Department at the University of New Mexico for helping with the funding. Thanks to the UNM jump squad for being great subjects. Thanks to New Mexico PBS for letting me borrow the studio a few too many times. Thanks to Adan Garcia for making sure I had decent equipment to work with. Thanks to Lillian Kelley for being the best professor and advisor I’ve ever had.

This is a movie about jumping. Competitively. For a full year. Going into the project I had some pretty grand ideas about pulling back the layers and showing what life is all about. I don’t know if I was successful; that’s all pretty subjective and I’ll let the viewer decide that. But over the course of this hour, I think the film does a good job of explaining the intricacies and tensions of being a collegiate track athlete. I’m happy with how it ended up.

I’m not happy with how long it took to finish.

If I’m being honest with myself, I didn’t put enough editing work in over the summer. But even then, my original August deadline was probably not realistic. I knew that I would be bogged down after the summer, and sure enough moving from Albuquerque to Boston and starting grad school wasn’t exactly healthy for Leap Year’s progress. But its over now, the movie is out. We live and we learn.


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