Election 2016: Reflecting on the Journey

What a ride.

After a campaign that stretched entirely too long, our nation has chosen Donald Trump to replace Barack Obama as president. I have feelings about that, as most of you do, but I’m not here to talk about those opinions. I’m here to talk shop.

This was the first presidential election I’d worked as a reporter, and what a learning experience it was. Thanks to the folks at Boston University News Service for allowing me to be a part of all their coverage. Now truth be told, most of my reporting ended after the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Once the semester started back up, I moved into a more supervising role as a talented new group of reporters took over the leg work at BUNS. I’m endlessly thankful for the reporting they did in the closing stretch of the election.

I’m going to use this post as a place to dump everything election related I wrote, starting back in February. I’m also including pieces that my friends at BUNS created that I really liked; because they’re good people and great reporters and they deserve to be recognized.

Here we go.

Feb. 8: “What To Watch For In New Hampshire”
His troubles were displayed almost poetically at a speech in Hanover, N.H., when he asked the audience to “please clap.”

Feb. 9: “New Hampshire Is Not As Vital To The Election As You Think”
Both the Democratic and Republican races are close and the delegates awarded in New Hampshire today could very well determine who the nominees in the general election will be. But temper the heat on your takes, and remember that we have 48 states left to go before primary season is over.

Feb. 9: “Trump Runs Away With New Hampshire”
“We are going to make America so great again, maybe greater than ever before,” Trump said around 10:10 p.m., ending his speech about fifteen minutes after he began. The candidate and his family left the stage the same way they entered, with The Beatles’ “Revolution”.

Feb. 9: BUNS Staff – “Photo Gallery: New Hampshire Votes”

Feb. 10: BUNS Staff – “Photo Gallery: Candidates, Supporters”

Feb. 20: “What To Watch For In Nevada And South Carolina”
Trump is the favorite to win South Carolina as he continues to benefit from establishment Republican voters being divided across multiple candidates.

Feb. 23: “Republicans Take Their Turn In Nevada”
All of this reads like Rubio should win Nevada, but take it with a grain of salt. Trump is still the favorite and should be treated as such until Rubio can prove otherwise.

Feb. 27: “Democrats Stop In South Carolina For Last Test Before Super Tuesday”
Sanders is coming off of a five point loss to Clinton in Nevada in which he polled better with minorities, particular Hispanics, than expected. Don’t expect the minority exit polls to be as friendly to Sanders in South Carolina.

March 1: “Super Tuesday 2016: What To Watch For”
We’ve learned a lot about the race for the two presidential nominations, but not that many delegates have been awarded at this point. That changes today with 12 states, a territory and an overseas diaspora heading to the polls.

March 5: “Four Caucuses And A Primary: What To Watch For In Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine and Nebraska”
At this point, Trump should be favored to win in every state until something changes.

March 6: “After Mixed Results Saturday, Candidates Turn To Maine And Puerto Rico”
Maine is holding its Democratic caucus; expect a strong showing from Sanders as he has already won New Hampshire and Vermont while coming close to winning Massachusetts.

March 6: “Sanders, Rubio Score Sunday Wins”
A win is a win, so don’t tell Bernie Sanders and Marco Rubio that Maine and Puerto Rico are minor elections.

March 8: “What To Watch For In Michigan, Mississippi, Idaho and Hawai’i”
Clinton has made a point of campaigning hard in Michigan, especially since the Flint water crisis came into the public spotlight. She is poised to dominate the state.

March 9: “Sanders Scores an Upset, Trump Rolls On”
Bernie Sanders was not supposed to win Michigan. 

March 15: “Winner-Take-All Primaries Are Here: What To Watch For On A Crucial Election Day”
Like Rubio, the Governor’s best hope at this point is a brokered convention in July but he’ll need to win his home state today to have a realistic chance of that happening. Unlike Rubio, Kasich is actually favored to win his home state.

March 16: “Big Wins for Clinton and Trump, Upset for Kasich, Ending for Rubio”
It was a drama-filled night for the presidential primaries, but it ended with New York businessman Donald Trump and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton extending their leads in their respective races.

April 6: “Cruz, Sanders Take Wisconsin”
The underdogs had themselves a day at the polls in America’s Dairyland.

April 20: “Home State Heroes Hold Up In New York”
The defeat is a big blow to Sanders, who had built momentum after winning a string of states heading into the day.

July 19: Andrea Asuaje – “Republican Convention Day 1: Notes From The Scene”
Melania’s speech is now causing controversy due to charges of plagiarism. She is being accused of lifting parts of her speech from a 2008 speech by Michelle Obama.

July 20: Jon Gang and Pankaj Khadka – “In their Own Words: RNC Protestors and Supporters”
Since the Republican National Convention kicked off on Monday, hundreds of people have gathered outside Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena to voice both support and opposition for the Republican party and its recently crowned nominee Donald Trump. These are a few of their stories.

July 26: “Disappointed Sanders Supporters Demonstrate Outside DNC”
The prolonged disappointment of Bernie Sanders supporters quickly turned to anger when the announcement came that Hillary Clinton had clinched the Democratic presidential nomination.

July 27: “Maura Healey Talks Gun Control at DNC”
Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey joined a panel of politicians and experts to discuss solutions to gun violence in America on Tuesday morning at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

July 27: “KSFR’s Michael Warren Breaks Down Policy Priorities For Democratic Platform”
A call in report to Santa Fe Public Radio about what I’d been seeing and hearing at the DNC in Philly.

July 27: “Spotted: Former Gov. Bill Weld at the DNC”
Weld, the vice-presidential pick of Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, spoke with BU News Service at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia about the ticket’s outlook.

July 28: “Tim Kaine Attacks Trump In Nomination Acceptance Speech”
“Do you really believe him?” Kaine asked the crowd, who responded with a resounding “no”. This exchange led directly into a chant of “Not on word!”

July 28: “President Obama Uses Familiar Themes To Support Clinton”
President Barack Obama wants to party like it’s 2008.

July 28: “Spotted: Libertarian Nominee Gary Johnson at the DNC”
BU News Service caught up with Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president. Here’s what he had to say.

Aug. 12: Emilio Domenech – “Supporting Sanders: Defeat and Hope at the DNC”

Oct. 4: “Pros and cons of recreational marijuana light up debate”

Oct. 16: “SouthCoast lawmakers weigh in on charters”

Oct. 19: “Mike Dukakis on the Third Debate and the State of the Election”
Michael Dukakis was the Democratic nominee for president in the 1988 election and the governor of Massachusetts from 1975-1979 and 1983-1991. Today he is a political science professor at Northeastern University, a visiting professor of public policy at UCLA, a steady presence in the politics of transportation in Massachusetts and a surrogate for Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Oct. 19: “WBUR poll shows voters leaning toward legal pot, no more charter schools”

Oct. 20: Sarah Toy – “Election 2016: Trump Refuses To Commit To Accepting Election Results”
In an unprecedented move for a presidential nominee, Republican Donald Trump refused to agree to accept the results of the election during the final presidential debate last night.

Nov. 1: “Massachusetts Will Vote On Legalizing Marijuana With Question 4”
Four years after voters passed medical marijuana, Massachusetts might legalize weed outright.

Nov. 1: “Maine Will Vote on Legalizing Marijuana With Question 1”
Legal marijuana is well-established in the Pacific Northwest. Now, on the opposite coast, Mainers will have the chance to make their state legal pot’s first foothold in New England.

Nov. 2: “New Bedford district, charter schools try to work together”
But when it comes to the financial impact, city officials insist charter schools are hurting New Bedford schools’ bottom line.

Nov. 4: “‘Stoned drivers’ at heart of fight for legalized pot”

Nov. 4: “How would state regulate eggs if Question 3 passes?”

Nov. 6: Erin Wade – “The High Stakes of New York’s Low Drama Senate Race”
Errol Louis, the debate’s second moderator, asked Schumer if he would serve as a “rubber stamp for Clinton” if re-elected or given the position of Senate majority leader.

Nov. 7: Shannon Golden – “Student Groups Fuel Campaign Efforts”
College Republicans on the other hand, face a more difficult battle on campus in Boston. Since Boston tends to go blue, the Republican groups have a tougher time with outreach.

Nov. 7: Zoe Mitchell – “Three Mass. Residents Allowed to Vote After ACLU Challenge”
Mayer argued to the judge that the current Voter Cutoff Law violates both the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights and the State’s Constitution, which provides that all people in the state “have an equal right to elect officers.”

Nov. 8-9: BUNS Staff – “Photos: America Votes 2016”

Nov. 12: “For Southcoast progressives, worries surface over Trump presidency”


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